How To Make Money On The Craigslist Free Section.

I made $800 in one day on the free section on craigslist. I found a deli commercial refrigerator in good condition worth $1,200. Before I picked it up, I posted the image on Facebook Marketplace for $1,500, and I saw people asking if its still available and if I can go down on my price, once I agreed on a price with someone I went to pick it up then I sold it to the buyer. I did this in less than 4 hours.

Now you want to use craigslist in the same city or zip code you are in. But there’s other strategies to do this in other locations or other states. Then you want to click on the FREE section. Now you want to scroll through the free section to see if you see anything valuable. I used to do this a lot when I was younger so I can give you a few pointers or what to look for.

  • Antiques
  • Commercial Items
  • Books
  • Cars
  • Metal
  • Wood Pallets
  • Bulk Items
  • Things you can pawn
  • Anything with potential value

Now you may have to check everyday or multiple times a day because there may not be anything of value at the moment, or someone got a valuable item before you so you have to always stay on top of it and be quick. Now to give you very great strategy to use and to highlight a crucial strategy I shared earlier is, copy the image and post it on sites like Facebook Marketplace and offer up to see if you get any quick responses inquiring about the item. Then the other strategy that no one does yet or even thought of doing is to find cars and boats. You do not need to pick these things up yourself. All you do is call a local small business that pays people to junk cars, boats, etc., and have them come and junk it and hand you a check. This is an easy $200 to $500 you can make in a few hours. You can also get very smart, persuasive, and creative and do this in different states. You can systemize it to where you basically tell the person that is coming to pick up the car to Zelle you the money once they pick it up, and all you tell the person that is giving it away for free is that you have a tow truck coming to pick it up!

Now there’s a trick for a lot of different items that always pop up on the free craigslist section. For example, if you come across wood pallets, you can search a place near you that buys wood pallets and you can sell it to them for $5 to $10 or more per pallet. Or if you come across a lot of metal, you can take it to a metal recycling place. Obviously you will need to rent a uhaul or have your own truck for some of these things. But if you don’t have a truck, no worries, just use what you learned here, make a few thousand dollars in a month and you can buy truck.

As you get the hang of it, you will see more things that can potentially have value. For example, I came across a full encyclopedia set in good condition that sells for around $500! But if you do make this a full time gig you will need a place to put the items. You don’t have to but you could rent a storage and still be very profitable every month.

If you do this full time you will need a place to put all of your items. Because it can take weeks to sell. Like the encyclopedia set may take a few weeks or a moth to sell on Amazon or eBay. But if you own a storage that you pay $800 a month just a few items that you sell can not only cover the storage fee but still land you in a few thousand dollars in profit. If you turn this into a full time job, you can definitely make $5,000 – $10,000 a month with or without a storage.

That storage or a uhaul can be invaluable. For example, I found a mountain of used tires in a ditch that was for free. I went to a small business that sells used tires and I asked him if he would be interested in buying 3,000 used tires for $1 each and he said yes! So I went back to go get the tires then the people said they already have someone taking them all! If I just took the risk (which isn’t a huge risk at all) I could’ve told him I will take the tires then found the buyer later, If I were to do that I would have made $3,000 in one day!

There’s also another strategy where you can sell online services like website design and etc, then once someone wants to pay you to make them a website, you can simply go too fiverr or upwork to find the person to build it for them.

That is all for the “How To Make Money On The Craigslist Free Section.”